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Raised in 2020

  • Barb Wilson just donated $28.08
  • Lethbridge Family just donated $415.00
  • Elizabeth Bunn just donated $100.00
  • G & R just donated $52.00
  • Anonymous just donated $1.00
  • Kat just donated $28.08
  • Barry.Nilsson just donated $1000.00
  • Angela Henry just donated $20.80
  • Lenore and Gray Mclean just donated $50.00
  • Barnaby Turner just donated $58.24
  • Oak on Jellicoe just donated $399.00
  • Team Tharun just donated $315.00
  • Cath Pomerenke just donated $20.80
  • Anonymous just donated $58.24
  • Diane Hirst just donated $56.00
  • Miss frost just donated $26.00
  • Sujini Arun just donated $20.80
  • Gary Highland just donated $200.00
  • Kirsty Maynard just donated $58.24
  • Leah Foran just donated $10.40

How it works

This August, you can walk, run, swim, or even cycle, in a team or individually to raise funds for the Children's Hospital Foundation and complete 42k Your Way.

You choose where, when and how you complete this 42km marathon challenge and how long it takes to get you there. A day, a week, the whole month - it's up to you.

It is never easy being a sick kid in hospital and with extra restrictions currently in place it can be even more scary and isolating for kids and their families. So we need your support to go the distance and help show sick kids they are not forgotten and they are not alone.

Register, promote and go the distance for sick kids and complete 42k Your Way during the month of August.

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