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I'm raising money for Patient and family services

I've created this page because I want to make a difference.

I'm inspired by the work that the Children’s Hospital Foundation fund in patient and family services so I wanted to raise money for them as part of my participation in 42k Your Way.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'donate' button. The more people that know about the Children’s Hospital Foundation, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

My Updates

Thankyou 🤗🙏💖🏃‍♀️

Happy Wednesday evening all
WE DID IT!! 45km in the bag and $500 raised! $200 more than my original goal set 👍👍
Massive thankyou to those who sponsored me for the month. I really appreciate and I know it will be put to awesome use for the kids.
This week is a bit of a rest week before I hit the pavement again next week. I was planning on entering the 5km for the Pan Pac Masters but then they cancelled it this week. So now I'm thinking of either the 5k or 12.5k in the GC50RunFestival in November. 
Not bad for somone who still declares they 'hate running'
Thankyou all again.
Much aroha xx

Run12 ✔🏃‍♀️

Woo Hoo!!
42km complete ✔✔
What a great way to start the day.
My body is definitely feeling it today but I'm so pleased it's done.
I will still be running Friday & Monday as the challenge doesn't finish until Tuesday.
Once again a HUGE thankyou to those who have sponsored me for the kids. Much appreciated.
Much Aroha x

Run 11 done ✔

Happy Monday
Apologies for not posting earlier this morning after I completed my run. Mondays are always a rush!
Down to the last 8 days and I'm 4km away from 42k!! Woo Hoo!!
I'll be back pounding the pavement Wed as I gave my PT session tomorrow.
My body will be relieved but I'll only have a week's downtime as I'm planning on doing a couple of events in the Pan Pac Masters so stay tuned .
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
Much Aroha  🤗 x

Run 11 ❌

Happy Saturday 
Well today's run didn't go to plan and ended up being a 2.6k walk so I won't count it as I didn't run.
It was a struggle getting up this morning. I could feel a headache starting and had forgotten my strapping for my knee as I am house-sitting for 2 nights. Thinking all would be 'sweet' anyway, I started out with a little jog but could feel it niggling & didn't want it affecting the rest of my runs.
It was very fresh this morning here in Robina even though temp was 14° but at least my headache has dulled somewhat.
Thankfully I am tracking ahead in my kms so Monday is another day.
Have a great weekend 🤗🌞
Much Aroha x

Run 10 ✔

Happy Friday 🌞🤣
What an awesome way to start the day and finish the working week. The air was fresh and such a great sunrise!
Only a week and a half to go and I'm tracking ahead of schedule which I am pleased about so I'll go over the 42km!!
Again, thankyou to all those who have kindly donated and I will repost the link if anyone else would like to before the end of the month.
Much Aroha 💖

Run 9 - great start to the week ✔

Happy Monday 🤗
A beautiful morning run along Surfers - what a great way to start the day and week! So please my kms are tracking well ahead of schedule. 32kmz after this morning! YAY.
Left shin was a bit achy niggley, but I'll sort that out with my PT at my session tomorrow.
If you can spare a few $$ I will repost the fundraising link shortly.
Have an awesome day and week. 
Much Aroha x

Run 8 👍🏃‍♀️

Happy Saturday 🤗
It was very hard getting out of bed this morning but I kept telling myself I get a sleep in tomorrow!
A cool, slightly overcast 16° and I ran later than I have been - 6.15am as opposed to 5.30am, which was a nice change. 
It was a very empowering run this morning. My mindset is changing. When I looked in the mirror before leaving, the weight is no longer there holding me back, I've reversed my Type 2 diabetes back down to 'pre diabetic' and my PT and I will continue to work on this with my training & eating. I feel stronger & healthier, not just in body but also in mind. No excuses now as I know I can do it.
Wishing you all an awesome weekend. I have a restful day planned and looking forward to cheering on the All Blacks in the 2nd Bledisloe test this afternoon. 
Much Aroha x

Run 7

Happy Friday 🤗🌞
A beautiful morning down in Surfers for my run!. A nice 15° and lots of felow runners/walkers abouy too.
It was nice running amongst others as all my other outdoors runs have been near home in the 'burbs' and I'm the only silly one out at that time of the morning!! LOL 
I'm adding an extra run in tomorrow to stay ahead of the game.
Have a great day and awesome weekend.
Much Aroha x

Day 6 - back outdoors

Morning all.
Back hitting the pavement today and a nice 13° as opposed to 6° last week!
Bit of a drizzle overnight so an overcast morning which made it even nicer. Can running be nice! LOL 🤷‍♀️
PT session tomorrow so my next blog will be Friday. Have a great day.
Much Aroha 

Day 5 done ✔

Well lockdown finished yesterday and it was back to the gym this morning. I can't believe I'm saying this but I enjoyed the outdoor early morning runs better!! 😱😱
I have my PT session tomorrow so Wed I'm going to go in early and run along Surfers Esplanade and see how I go. Should be an awesome sunrise. Stayed tuned for Wed blog post. 

Rest Day

Happy Sunday 🤗
Today is my rest day and I had a great sleep in. Enjoying my coffee sitting outside with the sun on my back. 🌞
Week 2 runs start tomorrow and I'm pumped! Will hopefully know this morning if we stay in lockdown another week or it's lifted. Either way, I now know I can run outdoora (even though I still think I'm slow). If for the kids and that's the main thing.
Again, a massive THANK YOU to those who have donated. Much appreciated.
Enjoy today 
Much Aroha xx

Run 4 ✔

Extra run for the week done and dusted. Sleep in tomorrow! YAY
Temperature was slightly warmer but I did leave my run later this morning than other days. The mornings are so beautiful 🤗🌞
Here's hoping lockdown finishes tomorrow and I can get back to the tready.
Have a wonderful weekend all.
Much Aroha

Run 3 ✔

OMG!! Who turned down the temperature gauge!! It was 6° this morning in Upper Coomera and I ran with a lightweight sweatshirt.
Thankful my headband kept my ears warm! Gosh I bow to those runners who pound the pavements all year round! Another reason to hug the tready when I'm back in the gym! LOL 
Well it made me run at a faster pace this morning albeit a slightly shorter run but I'm doing an extra one tomorrow anyway - yep I'm a glutton for punishment! Can't wait to jump in the steaming HOT shower. 
Enjoy your Friday and fingers crossed that the lockdown isn't extended.
A big THANKYOU again to all who have donated. Really appreciated.
Much Aroha 💖🙏


Happy Thursday all 🤗
This morning was my 2nd PT session so back pounding the pavement tomorrow and Saturday.
As it's nearly Week 1 down, I'm going to increase my to $400 now we have reached the original goal of 3 and will post up the link again. 
I'm feeling pumped after my session. It's going to be a beautiful day here on the GC again and I'm enjoying working from home and getting to eat my lunch outside jn the sun though I do miss the office routine and our awesome team.
Have a blessed day 
Much Aroha 🌞🤗💖

Rest Day

Rest day today and I enjoyed my sleep in till 6am! Rest & recovery is is an important part of your exercise & training. I had a great PT session yesterday with DOMS already in the arms so doTerra Ice Blue is my best friend today! 
I will PT again tomorrow and 2 more runs for this week.

For those of you who wear fitness trackers for walking/running etc, you may be interested in The Conqueror Virtual Challenges. I just completed my first one yesterday. They have several different challenges to complete and you pick the timeframe. I chose the Athens challenge as it was the route for the original Olympic Games Marathon back in the day. You pay to join and for this challenge, my fee went towards planting trees for every 20% of my run I completed which I thought was pretty cool. 
I was going to run it through August the same way I'm doing the 42kYW however as I linked my fitbit when I joined they actually included my daily steps and I've been hitting 10,000 most days which is why I completed it in a week!! LOL 
But they have some really cool courses. I'm thinking of starting the Great Ocean Road one this weekend - 239.8k and the goal would be to complete that by end of August.
Have an awesome Wednesday everyone. Thanks for the support.
Much Aroha 

Aug 1st done & dusted

Happy Aug 1st and YAY first run down! Such a beautiful morning for an outdoor run - thanks to the snap 3 day lockdown here on the GC.
So proud as I ran the whole way,  albeit some parts slower than others, so no walking, but none the less it felt good and I found I'm getting into my breathing rhythm a lot quicker to.
My plan is to run 3 mornings of 3.5k as I'm still doing my 2 PT sessions per week as well and any extra runs are a bonus!
Bring on tomorrow! Thanks again to those who have already donated.
Much Aroha xx

Excited for tomorrow

WOo HOo!! Aug 1st tomorrow and the start of my 42kYourWay!!
Today was a rest day as I did my last run yesterday morning @Goodlife Coomera. I was planning to head there in the morning to run muy first 3.5k however with the snap 3 day lockdown announced this morning it looks like tomorrow will be an outdoor run around the streets near home.
Now I don't consider mysf to be much of a runner at all, especially outdoors but hey, it's for the kids and my fitness and that's what matters.
Sleep well 


The last couple of weeks I have been running 6-9kms so am happy with that and on track with the 10+km goal each week for August to hit the 42km. Not bad considering I would still rate running as one of my 'hate' exercises!! LOL
I'd rather swim 10kms a week .... but that's another goal for this year.


I've had 2 treadmill sessions this week on top of my regular 2 PT sessions with Sione. We are not smashing the weights but will now be working towards cardio and plyometrics whilst at the same time looking after my knee and ankles. Years of basketball and netball (many sprained ankles) are now coming back to haunt me!!
I have a physio appt next week to check my knee, which isn't giving me any problems at the moment as I tape it for each session but I have noticed my ankles are niggly - which makes sense now I am doing more running/walking. I'm really pleased as well that most days I am managing to hit 10,000 and last Sunday clicked over 13,000

GC Marathon 10km

July has arrived and with it came the 10km for the GC Marathon. Even though the event was cancelled due to the 3 day lockdown here on the Gold Coast, I was able to change over to the Virtual Run and you had until Aug 1st to log your run. I was quietly hoping my PT Sione would let me have a couple more weeks training but he held me accountable to the date and we ran it at 6.45am on Sun 4th as originally planned. The Broadwater turned on the perfect weather and there were a lot of other runners out as well completing their distances. I was outside my goal of 1 hour by 14mins but I have been carrying a niggling knee injury the last 6 weeks so was pleased I was still inside the cut off time. The last time I ran the 10km was 7 years ago and I did NO training and was at least the 8kg I have lost or more heavier when I did it and that time was 1hr35min so I beat that time by 20 mins.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Lorraine Kurukaanga


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