Team Max

We're participating in 42k Step It Your Way

We've created this page because we want to help Max make a difference.

"When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with brain cancer. I underwent a seven hour dual craniotomy to remove some of the tumours. A few months after my brain surgery, I began chemotherapy, which lasted 12 months.  The treatments I have had were difficult to live through. They have had long term effects on my life. 

I still have 5 tumours in my head, and I regularly attend 5 clinics at the Queensland Children's Hospital. 

Research means everything, because it can make life better for kids like me. Currently there is no cure for my cancer, but with research we can change that."

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Go you Beauty Max


Kerry & Peter Shearer

Go Max Good Luck P&K&M&P&E


Anthony Shearer


Colette Alexander


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Awesome effort Max!


Laurie Truce

All the beat. Laurie.


Craig And Kate Ypinazar

Great effort Max. Look forward to seeing you all soon next year when borders are open. The Ypinazar family


Michelle Taylor

As always, such an inspiration! Go Max, Dan, Stan, Lachie and Anth!


Mum & Dad

Great work Max, Stan, Dan, Lachlan & Anth - don't forget to stretch.


Charlotte And Ferdy

You haven't changed a bit - go get those 42K steps and congrats on so many years supporting such a great cause.


Geoff Brooks

Go Stan, You've given Max loyal and steadfast support and it reflects well on you. Uncle Geoff


Uncle Tim

Well done young man. I hope to meet you one day soon.


Shirley And Chris Xxx

Leotards R U!


Belen Castro Lobera

Well done Max, keep it going mate. Xx


Nick Dignan


Patrick F Gerry

Great passion Max! Keep it going.


Mark Sainsbury

Good luck Team Max. Great effort!!


Elizabeth Shearer


Robyn King

Yay Max, you are amazing! Well done! Robyn and Lenny


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Best of luck Max and kindest regards from Chris, John and all the team at goa


Ben Mccarthy

Go Max, great job buddy


Melanie Webb

All the best for Y12! Enjoy. It’s a great ride!


Maryanne Maccarone

Go team Max! And remember to stretch afterwards


Steve Grant

Max, my donation on condition you get $1 every time you punch Uncle Peter Shearer in his petite tummy.



Go for it Max and Stan xx


Anne Wallman

Good luck on the walk Stan - 42K is a long way!



Go Max! Chuck & Cordie, Sydney


Scott Gaffney

You are a legend.


Mary Barry Lil Hen + Violie

Well done Max


Carmel Turner

Go Max!!!!!


Melissa Cain

Go Max! A super sportsman!


Murray Paton

Good Luck Max


Tania Mavritsky, Sparke Helmore

Go Team Max!


Karla And Dave Turner

Go Team Max! I will be there to cheer you all on!!




Aoife Elliott

Go Stan from your friends over the fence!


Xavier Family

Go Max! Another inspiring effort. Go your hardest xx


Julie Mccullough

Fantastic cause Max


Salvatore Maccarone

Proud of you boys at Team Max. Great job.


Cordelia Turner

So proud of you max, keep going strong legend


Kate Underhill



Go Max!


Ruby Wow Marketing

This is so great! Go Stan 🎈


Derek Frail

Good work again Max


Judy Shearer

Well done Max. Good luck to you and your team. Love Nana.



Go Max Go........So proud of you!!!!



Great work for a great cause!! Proud of you ❤️ From Soph, Tanya and Nik


Joanne Lau




Jim Mollison


Stanley Accini



Good luck Team Max!


Daniel Maccarone



Amanda Gutierrez

Great cause and best of luck.


Sandra Dee