Tamara Gurdler

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My target 42kms

Thank you to my Sponsors


Zanara Copiers

Great jobs Girls - you did better than I could have. All for a good cause, glad I could do my part. Here’s your centimetre - 1 cent per metre


Extreme Print

Is there a viewing platform for happy hour? Pom poms and GnT’s 🍸. The year 3 cross country was really something special wasn’t it !!


Anthony Gurdler


Icm Project Solutions


Mark And Wendy Batley

Good luck Tammy! Xx


Naimah Cameron

Way to go girl xx



Go Tams!!!!! So proud of you 💕



You got this! So proud of your commitment and training xx 💕💕


Indi ?

You’re a weapon Aunty Tams 🥰 I’ll even throw in a tub of my sudocrem for your chafe 😂😘


Zoe Gurdler

Run Hard Tammy G!



YTG! 💪🏻


Sam Bailey




Corey & Kristy Mcguren


Rach And Matt

Good luck Tamara, you can do it!


The Gilmours

Love from the Gilmours….


Jordan Gurdler


Erin Haiden

You rock Tams!!! Can't wait to see you smash it 💕



If you don’t finish, I’d like a refund ! Good luck Marzie - you’ll do great sweetheart I’m so proud of you... you’ll always be my favourite


Annette Fodriga

You go girl good on you for showing your support by doing this run


Anastassia Demeshko

All the best with the run Tamara!! You can do it!! 💪🏃‍♀️


Chiara Pyne

What a beautiful and giving soul you have lovely! All the best with the run, you will do amazing x


Steph Slade