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My target 42kms

I Am Dancing my way to raise money for KIDZONE and the AMAZING GREEN TEAM so they can continue making hospital fun for kids like me and my brother Oscar !!!

I've created this page because I LOVE the Green team, which is what I call the amazing staff and volunteers in KidZone at the Children's Hospital. 

When Mummy told me about the 42K your way and that I am also helping to promote it with being on one of their tiles (Music Therapy); I too wanted to do it by dancing! 

I want to make a difference and help others, like the Green team (Children's Hospital Foundation) have made for me and my brother and for other children just like us, or any child that needs to visit or stay at the hospital! 

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'donate' button. The more people that know about the Children’s Hospital Foundation, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot! I can tell you that from experience !

My Updates

Dancing and Doorknocking for DONATIONS

Ok, so my friend Lucy and I started out strong. We made plans during the week that when we got together on the weekend we would doorknock for donations and practice our dances, especially the ones coming up for our competitions this weekend and next. 

But after we caught the attention of MRS D on the street,  (one of the friendliest people ever) while Scooter Dancing and laughing, then dancing for her and then talking about 42K your way and the Children's Hospital Foundation and how Lucy lives near me now and everything else you could think of, we felt exhausted and ditched the doorknocking for Donations and turned to just playing at my place instead.

We are kids you know and change our mind often ! But don't worry, I will be getting to others on my street over the next few days as this is the last full week of August and DANCING MY WAY for 42K. 

Thank your Mrs D for your donation and support ! xx

When your DANCE SISTA Moves 1 street AWAY !

The best thing has happened ! One of my Dance friends who is in ALL of the same classes as me, JAZZ, HIP HOP, ACRO, LYRICAL, BALLET AND POMS moves 1 street away !!!! Not only do we get to hang with each other more apart from our 3 afternoons at Formation Dance together, but we can on Weekends too !!!! The best thing ever... !!!!

Lucy even showed me how to do leg mounts on a scooter ! that's right I was Scooter Dancing ! 


It felt so good to be back at my dance studio today and that we were able to meet all conditions necessary to go ahead with the current restrictions in place ! 

I even managed to do 3.45 km, mostly from my Hip Hop class and some from my Acro.

Today I got Mail - My 42K my Way Children's Hospital Foundation Shirt and photo-bombed by my brother Oscar

Look what I got in the mail today !!! My new 42K My Way shirt to help promote and raise funds for the Children's Hospital Foundation . I LOVE that I am apart of the Green Team now with my new Green shirt ! Thank you to all the people that have donated and supported me for this great cause. Keep on sharing as I would love to reach my new goal of $500 ! xox P.s it felt so good to be dancing today, just wish we could get out of lockdown and back to the dance studio with all my friends ! I practiced my Poms dance a lot today, along with heaps of conditioning and Acro moves. I forgot a bit of my other routine, the first time I did it, so I will definitely be focusing on that tomorrow !

The Reason why I am doing the 42K My Way and why WE all need to support The Children's Hospital Foundation !!!

Unfortunately on Wednesday 28th July, I experienced an unexpected Anaphylatic Reaction while I was at dance. It was due to unseen contamination of food on the dance floor, from previous use of the room not being cleaned properly.

I normally dont always present like a textbook case and my circulatory system and  heart gets affected first, causing me to go unconscious, along with other really scary stuff. This time I felt my throat closing and it was getting difficult to breath, which is when my Mum gave me my Epi Pen to save me. I was very scared of telling my Mum that my throat was closing as I didnt want to lose my happy place at dance or be treated cruelly by adults and kids, like I have been from previous times and dance schools I have tried before. 

This time was so different ! My Dance teacher stayed by my side the entire time, helping both me and my Mum.  I even got messages while I was in hospital, which was the best thing ever, even by the older students that go there.  

I eventually arrived at the hospital differently than I normally do, no actual Ambulance van this time as there was none available to me. Instead I was driven to Hospital in a Convey of the car that the first responders arrived in. At first I was very scared as I thought they didn't have all the equipment to save me, but they did, it was just very different. I also had some of the best paramedics I have ever met and I have met a lot. They made me feel very safe!

When I got to my room in Emergency there was no TV available to me, someone had damaged the wall where the remote goes. Then I get transferred to the Emergency Short Stay and again I get a room where the Tv is unable to work. Mummy's phone was out of power and I didn't have my Ipad with me. There was nothing to do or help me feel comforted I didn't even have my drawing book and pens.  Drawing can make me feel better, especially when I am having huge emotions or feeling scared. 

I have been to hospital many times before and I know that the Children's Hospital Foundation which I call the green team, take care of us kids. So I took myself off to the nurses station and asked for some pencils or crayons. Now not many know that this is available to you down in the Emergency room, but it is and sometimes the Green Team will even come and visit you whilst there. 

This is the exact reason why I chose my fundraising to go to us kids for these types of services. It helped to calm me, helped me to pass my 5 hours of waiting for me to recover and it also helped me to take my mind off where I was, as I had no other entertainment available to me. That is why I need you, why we need you to help these services to help us kids. It was so much more than just a box of crayons !!! It was comfort when I knew there wasn't much around, it was familiarity when I was scared and helped me to distract from what was happening. I want other kids to feel as comfortable as me in hospital, even when things are really yucky and scary. It also felt so good to hand out my drawings to some of the nurses and doctors. 

Covid and the new rules have also really changed things and that is why we need you more than ever! 

Please support me to help support other kids and parents. It makes visits so much more better for us all. They are such good people and the Green team (CHF) are always there for us kids. 

Oh and dancing is a thing I do once I feel better. Mummy has pictures of me singing and dancing every time after I start to feel better. I will include some extra pictures in my gallery of my drawings and dancing.  

Crazy sock week for Dance this week !

Helping Oscar do a leg mount in our crazy matching Minecraft Socks .... Eat, Sleep, Game(DANCE),Repeat ! Will be doing this for the month of AUGUST to achieve my 42 K Dancing my way !

Morning of First Competition for the year ...

I love getting ready and being in my costume ! My Jazz Costume is my favourite! My team and I won first place ! I just love being on stage, so much fun !

1 week to go for the 42k dance is my way !

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