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My target 84kms

I'm raising money for Medical Research

I've created this page because I want to make a difference.

I'm inspired by the work that the Children’s Hospital Foundation fund in medical research, so I wanted to raise money for them as part of my participation in 42k Your Way.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'donate' button.

The more people that know about the Children’s Hospital Foundation, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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For our Charlie Hudson and friends

Hi Guys 
As most of you aware our beautiful Charlie Hudson has been sick for quite some time. Charlie has a rare condition in which the nerves don’t function throughout his Colon, that’s the short version of it all. We have been blessed to have a great medical Team at the Children’s Private in Brisbane, which has become our second home. However we also know the importance and lack of funds for Medical research , to help lots of unwell children  like Charlie and other beautiful kiddies with different illnesses who shouldn’t have to endure what they do. This is our way of giving back . Of course I have committed to doubling the distance , and so 84kms It is. Some of which is likely to be done in the hospital stairwell 😂 during our next stay. 
Any contribution would be greatly appreciated , even if it’s $1. Every bit helps ❤️ We appreciate you all. Love Linds, Glen , Evie and Charlie ❤️

Thank you to my Sponsors


Moran Realty

Best wishes to Charlie


Trust Distribution Ltd

Way to go darling so proud of you !!! Lots of love from Team Trust


Armitage Shanks

With love from The Artist Formerly Known As Mike Rook. Xxx



You’re a champion Lindsay, I’m sure you’ll smash it 💕


Susan Millar-east

Hi to Charlie. X




Patrice Fitzpatrick

lots of love xx


Wally Boiga

Thank you for participating in a great cause, always happy to help Wally x


Cathy Napier

Good luck ❤️❤️.. sending all our love ❤️❤️


Kathleen Deleon Jones

You’re amazing beauty.. thinking of you.. sending you so much love xx


Lisa Jenkinson

Way to go Lins! Lots love to you all xxx


Anita Bellon

Good on you Linds 👏 You’ve got this Charlie 👊 💖


Gem Hudson

Best wishes x


Anoushka Stevens Stevens


Claire Woodbridge

You have got this superstar! Halfway there, and an an amazing cause. Hugs to you all 💗



Love you x


Lisa Brennan



Prisca Harrison

Well done Our Lins, great job making Charlie proud of his mum! Much love to Charlie - keep being strong Xx love the Harrisons


Mcconnell Consultants

You’re amazing babe. Love you, Rach and Family





Carol Birch

Wishing Charlie all the best. Good luck with the 48k Lindsay xx


Caroline Conias

You’re amazing! Hope Charlie gets better soon ❤️


The Meares Clan

Your doing an amazing job x


Linda Ward

what a great idea! You are an inspiration to your family and so many others. Now get those laces tied and off you go! xx


Philippa Marland

Love you guys ❤️ Big strong hearts you are ❤️


Jacinta Mchale

With a mum like you Charlie has the determination to go far. Well done shining light of love 💓


Melissa Crich

In honour of Charlie Bear 😘


Lea Fitzpatrick

You are so brave Charlie snd TEAM HAYES Truly amazing snd thinking of you all xx


Belinda Mallinson


Fletcher Maddox

Go you good thing! Sending prayers and hugs to Charlie and you all ❣️XX


Kelly Mansbridge

Good job Linds! Your a superstar 🌟


Lisa Heron

Love you Linds ❤️